Three Lies

I am taking fellow blogger Marci L of (Don’t Be) Too Squeamish and Shy up on her invitation to play the Three Lies game.

Guess which three of the following 25 facts about me are lies and put your guesses in a comment. The contest ends Friday, January 20th. I’ll announce the results and notify the winner on January 21st.

I will even throw in a prize for the first person who guesses correctly: one of my original signed art trading cards. You can pick the one you want from the three choices at the bottom of this post.

If you want to do this too, you can link your list on Marci’s blog. Marci also says you can share your list on Twitter with the hashtag #SpotTheThreeLies.

1. I am allergic to cats.
2. I once accidentally caused the evacuation of a building.
3. I once made a left turn that caused a police officer’s car to slam on his breaks, got stopped, and was given only a verbal warning to get my peripheral vision checked.
4. I have read Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton cover to cover six times.
5. I have a crippled toe.
6. I once lied to get into a symphony concert without a ticket.
7. I have sold lyrics to a singing telegram company.
8. I have worked as a puppeteer.
9. I played the mayor’s wife in a production of The Music Man.
10. I have sung the national anthem at a minor league baseball game.
11. I have completed all coursework toward a Master’s degree in English.
12. I interviewed a woman who had been an American Embassy hostage in Iran for my student newspaper.
13. I once walked along an interstate for mile to get to a job interview.
14. I have worked as a tour guide at a historical living museum.
15. I have homeschooled one of my children.
16. I cannot stand the texture of quilts.
17. I worked for 10 years as a technical illustrator.
18. I get seasick.
19. I do not eat red meat, poultry, chicken, fish, shellfish, or beans.
20. I get up in the morning before 6:00 am about 98 percent of the time.
21. I once got lost in the woods for hours in the woods because I saw a huge snake hanging from the tree in front of me and ran the other way.
22. I love my beautiful art studio with great lighting and Ikea furniture.
23. I moonlight as a part-time driving instructor.
24. I am descended from people who lived in the Tyrolean Alps.
25. I would vote for Ron Paul without hesitation if he were on the ballot.


Art card choice 1

Art card choice 2Art card choice 3

Art card choice 3

6 Responses to My first blog contest: Win an original art trading card signed by….me

  1. Marcy says:

    Nice. Congrats Kelly!

  2. CJ Carol Apple says:

    Thanks everyone who participated! The correct answers are (drum roll):

    10. I have sung the national anthem at a minor league baseball game. (Just something I’d like to do.)

    22. I love my beautiful art studio with great lighting and Ikea furniture. (A wish.)

    23. I moonlight as a part-time driving instructor. (A joke. I\’m actually not a very good driver.)

    Marcy L picked up on the wishful thinking about the art studio but Kelly got 2 out of 3 correct, so I will declare her the winner. So congratulations Kelly! Just email your address to and let me know which art trading card you would like.

  3. Kiersi says:

    8, 16, and 25? (Secretly hoping 25 is a lie.)

  4. Claire says:

    Absolutely no idea, so a random guess at 6,11,and 20.

  5. I’m going to guess 10, 16, and 23 are lies.

    For your sake I hope 21 is a lie, but I don’t think it is. Yuck!

  6. Marcy says:

    Great list. It’s hard to believe that only three of these aren’t true. Here goes: Numbers 2 (evacuation), 16 (quilts), and 22 (art studio, I sense some longing that it be that way?). It’s so hard to guess! Thanks for playing, and I love your idea of awarding a prize!

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